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Medical Trips With Agape

Agape is a preferred provider with the New York Department of Health partners and NEMT brokers like MAS and Logisticare, whose patients are eligible and request transportation once prior authorization has been received. Medicaid and Medicare, among many other insurers, cover medical transportation on behalf of the recipient. At Agape, we strive to provide responsible, on-time, professional service to all passengers throughout Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, and Long Island. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV) are available.

Step 1

Prior to your appointment or activity, contact your insurance carrier to request transportation. Your insurance company may instruct you to go through a third-party broker, such as MAS or Logisticare. Please have your insurance information available, as well as all relevant information about your upcoming visit. Make sure to ask for "Agape Luxury", as your preferred provider – this will ensure that all of your rides are conducted by Agape. (Medicare and Medicaid Transportation available. MAS is currently the primary broker to use our transportation services in New York for Medicare and Medicaid.)

Step 2

Once your insurance carrier or transportation broker has received your prior authorization and scheduled your trip, we will arrive on time to take you to your appointment and return you home once you’re finished.

Step 3

Once your appointment or activity is complete, simply Text “Return” to the number you received at the trip confirmation and our team will send the closest vehicle to return you safely home.

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What is Non-emergency Medical Transport?

Generally, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is defined as a transportation service provided to individuals who are not currently experiencing an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service is able to provide.  Often, patients require specially equipped vehicles to accommodate their mobility needs which may include crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers or other special requirements.

As a core solution, NEMT is for non-emergent patients allowing them to access valuable and essential healthcare, as well as to participate in their own recovery.  Transportation services are most often initiated by the patient through transportation brokers via specialized software that locates available transport providers and schedules the appropriate trip.  This link will connect you with your county broker; please tell them your preferred provider is Agape Luxury, Inc.

However, for emergencies and life-threatening illnesses or injuries, patients should call 911.

Ride With US

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Us

Agape’s courteous and on-time transportation services ensure that you arrive at your appointments safely and conveniently. Behind our friendly and comfortable service stands the strength of our state-of-the-art mobility management infrastructure and telecommunications systems that guarantee contractual compliance, low-cost transportation solutions, and advanced quality management practices.

For scheduled medical appointments, punctuality is key and our drivers respect the time of both, the client and their medical institution. We strive to guarantee that you arrive at any facility in our operating area on or before your scheduled appointment time.

In addition to our unmatched efficiency, Agape provides top-notch passenger comfort, safety, and courtesy. We are a world-class solution for those people that have limitations when getting to and from essential medical appointments.

Please Note: Patients suffering from serious injuries, bleeding, mental impairment, or other life-threatening symptoms need to contact their local ambulance service or 911, as appropriate. NEMT is for medical visits only. To find out if you are eligible for NEMT services, contact your health insurance provider by calling the number on your ID card.

Request Trips for Private Pay Customers

If you are a private pay client, please contact Agape at 718-585-2222 three days prior to schedule your trip.  You will be invoiced directly at the conclusion of your trip.

Why We're the #1 NEMT Provider in New York

At Agape Transportation Management, our #1 goal is to provide safe, on-time medical transportation services for our clients in and around New York City and the Tri-State Region. Our focus is squarely on Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services—a highly essential resource for qualified Medicaid and Medicare recipients, the elderly, and anyone who would like specialized, medically attentive transportation to and from their care providers.

How to Choose Your Transportation Services

It’s critical to your health that you have access to safe and reliable roundtrip transportation to your healthcare service providers. Agape Transportation will ensure your ability to meet care guidelines prescribed by your physician and care team while reducing unnecessary stress.



Our reputation ensures that you can trust Agape to provide reliable, on-time transportation with outstanding customer service 24/7/365.



Safety is our top priority and Agape drivers undergo extensive training and certification to ensure your wellbeing and comfort.


Cost savings

Working directly with insurance brokers and healthcare facilities, we offer a friendly, high-quality service at a competitive price and offer billing and claims submission services directly to your ca


Customer Service

Whether you are accessing life-sustaining medical appointments, procedures, or treatments, or routine day-to-day activities covered by insurance, we are dedicated to providing timely, courteous servic



Agape has an outstanding reputation based on quality service and world-class reliability that allows you to travel with relaxed piece of mind.



Our vehicles are each equipped with GPS technology that monitors and evaluates best route criteria for a safe, reliable, curb-to-curb ride.

Our Technology

Agape Transportation’s advanced, cutting-edge medical transportation software system creates a comprehensive automated experience that benefits you as a client.

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